Immediate significance of launching theoretical offensive against RSS


The theoretical documents of RSS like Manusmrithi and Bunch of Thoughts by Golwalker if put under scrutiny based on the Constitution and laws in the country, it can be seen that they are against them. They dehumanize and criminalize the society, and goes against the popular myths and history of this country. They conceal the aggressive Aryan onslaught against the ancient socio-cultural values upheld by the pre-Aryan natives in India including the Dravidian history. But the RSS, claiming itself as a cultural organization, could continue to propagate them even after it was banned after the assassination of Gandhiji because of the soft Hindutva based vote bank politics of Congress and other parliamentary streams.

When Vajpayee govt was in power RSS started flexing its muzzles more and started encroaching on the education and cultural fields through tens of thousands of schools/colleges and institutions. It speeded up penetration of state machinery and all Constitutional institutions. Now under six years of Modi rule, RSS parivar is in dominant control of all these sectors with saffron forces almost in control everywhere, even in states ruled by opposition parties including Kerala where CPI (M) led LDF coalition is in power. Two years ago when the police in Kozhikode district had charged two CPI(M) youths aged 19 years, booked as Maoist supporters without any proof, and now put under NIA investigation, CPI(ML) Red Star state committee and many democratic forces and the parents of these youth who are CPI(M) members still, had pointed out how top police bosses including the DGP of the state is working under the orders of not only central home ministry, but local RSS leaders also.

This fact became more exposed when the Kerala police allowed about 200 RSS cadres to camp illegally near Sabarimala Ayyappa temple who terrorized and prevented with police support the women devotees who went there to worship based on the then Supreme Court orders. In spite of the fact that the Kerala police is under the control of state home minister and chief minister Pinarayi Vijayan, a PB member of CPI(M) these things are happening. Now state secretary of Red Star has come out with a more glaring and disturbing incident showing the dangerous level of control of Kerala police by RSS cadres in Kerala, and the dangerous levels of safronization of all fields have reached.

According to this statement issued by com. MK Dasan, a video in which a catholic nun, Reethamma, head mistress of nearby Nedumkunnam High School who gave Onam greetings to students saying, it is a remembrance of how one who got his appeal fulfilled, force down and destroy those who gave it, and occasion of the victorious return of those who were oppressed, was called to Karukachal police station (Kottayam dt) as demanded by the Taluk convener of Hindu Eikyavedi, and under threats from police writing down an apology for it. It has become viral among the Sanghis. They are accusing the teacher claiming that she has ridiculed Hindu gods, when she has only repeated the myth still popular among Keralites.

According to the popular myth, people enjoyed a primitive communist rule of Asura king Maha Bali. Devas’ king Indra feared his prajas may revolt for Maha Bali’s rule. So he convinced Vishnuu, the Hindu god the enecessity to kill him. Vishnu took the form of a Brahmin boy, Vamana, went to Bali, cheated him and forced him down to Pathal Before, going down he asked permission to return one day every year to see his dear citizens, which was granted. Onam is the occasion when Keraalites welcome him wearing new clothes and having rich feasts, even the poor managing the money for it somehow.Now when the Sanghis want to change the meaning of Onam by calling it a Vamana vjayam, distorting the popular myth, the police is acting as they want. If this can happen in Kerala under LDF rule, just imagine what will be happening in other states. It shows how ruthlessly RSS parivar is resorting to distortion of history and popular myths and vulgarization of facts and imposing its Manusmrithi and ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ which dehumanizes and criminalizes society, spreading hate politics.

We have reached such a serious situation because of the liberal vote bank politics which allowed RSS to systematically pollute the society with their fascist theories, lies and superstitions. We have to reverse this situation. For this just democratic campaign and economic struggles are not sufficient. The progressive, democratic, rationalist forces, upholding modernity and scientific thoughts should unleash a powerful campaign exposing Manusmrithi, Bunch of Thoughts and other fascist teachings of RSS, based on which its majoritarian Hindutva base is built. Such a cultural scientific offensive is needed to culturally and politically disarm and defeat these fascist forces.


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