Thushara’s hotel ‘Nandus Kitchen’ the first ‘anti-halal’ restaurant in the state

Ernakulam native Thushara Ajith Kallayil has come up with the first ‘anti-halal’ restaurant in the state. Thushara’s hotel ‘Nandus Kitchen’ is located at Vennala near Medical Center in Ernakulam. The anti-halal board in the restaurant has become a hot topic on social media. The owner says she has a reason to hang the anti-halal board.

“The hotel was started a year and a half ago. This is a restaurant that serves a variety of fish and chicken dishes in a healthy way. Initially, the plan was to give food to 20 people, but later more people started coming here. The enterprise has grown to reach 200 people daily, ”said Thushara.

However, Thushara says that some people who come to the hotel have asked if halal food is served there and would leave without eating which has made her very upset. Thushara explained that although she did not know the true meaning of the word halal, she did not consider the food she made to be haram just because it was not written as halal.

“The food I cook at the restaurant is the same food I give to the kids at home. Why such a religious distinction when it comes to food? This is the reason behind such a board. The board was set up because some avoided food for the sole reason that it is not halal, which was annoying”- Thushara said.



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