SSLC, Plus Two exams will be held as scheduled, high-level meeting will be held on Monday: Education Minister V Sivankutty

Education Minister V Sivankutty on Saturday said that there won’t be any changes in this year’s SSLC and Plus Two exams. The minister, who said that the examinations will be held as scheduled, added that the focus area for the SSLC examination had been fixed.

“The guidelines for SSLC, Plus One and Plus Two classes will be revised. A high-level meeting will be convened on Monday to discuss this,” the minister said. He added that the SSLC syllabus will be completed by February 1 and the Plus Two syllabus by the end of February.

The minister also said that the closure of schools would also apply to CBSE and unaided schools. The online class will also take place during class time on Victers Channel. Several people have expressed concerns regarding the situation in colleges. The Higher Education Department will make a decision in this regard, Sivankutty added.


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