Anti-Constitution remarks: Saji Cheriyan quits as minister

Minister Saji Cheriyan announced his resignation following the controversies surrounding his Anti-Constitution remarks. Announcing his resignation, Saji Cheriyan stated that he respects the Constitution and as a CPM worker, he is responsible for upholding the constitutional values. He also alleged that the media did not broadcast his entire speech.

“As a person who is extremely loyal to the Constitution, people and judicial system of the country, I am deeply saddened by what happened. No one forced me to resign. I myself went to the CM and informed my willingness to resign,” Saji Cheriyan said.

“I have never defamed the Constitution. A particular part from the speech was taken and the media fabricated it to weaken the CPIM and the LDF. I understand that the chief minister sought the legal advice of the advocate general on my speech. I don’t know what advice he received but I’ve taken a personal decision and have communicated the same to the CM,” he said.

According to sources, Saji Cheriyan announced his resignation after receiving strict instructions from the CPM central leadership. Strong criticism was raised against the minister in today’s available secretariat meeting. Constituent parties, including the CPI, said that Saji Cheriyan should stay away from the cabinet till a decision comes from the court.



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